Wannon Water Mural

 Wannon Water Mural- Lyndoch pump station.

This mural was created in partnership with Wannon Water, the Grade 2 and 3 children from M.P.S and  local artist Bronwyn F.

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Saving Sam

Can you save Sam the snake from drowning? Sam has found himself in a ‘sticky’ situation. His boat has capsized and he can’t swim. Using only two paper clips you need to get Sam into the boat, his life jacket on and his ore on top. Remember you can’t touch Sam or stab him or his life jacket.

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Are you a bucket filler?


As part of our Tribes session of ‘Feelings’, the students’ looked giving ‘Appreciations’ to each other, rather than ‘Put Downs’. They fill in an appreciation for a child in the class. Every Friday during our weekly  welfare sessions we read out the appreciations in the bucket.